Re: BITX40 Sensitivity

Sandeep Lohia

One need to retune ( 27 pf variable trimmer + one air wound LPF coil )
 BPF if antenna is not 50 ohm, long wire is not 50 ohm...
was talking about old 2.2uh inductors, 

Didn't tested 6 uh inductance BPF yet...

On Jul 5, 2017 7:36 PM, "Larry Acklin" <acklin@...> wrote:
YEP!  Had a QSO with a guy in Alabama, he was running 500W, I was running 5W.  20M SSB.

Says a lot- my rig probably cost less than his microphone.
($65 for a Bitx20 V3SBL1 and a junked SSB CB for the crystal filter)


On Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 9:31 AM, Raj vu2zap <rajendrakumargg@...> wrote:
The term I heard is "alligators"!

Very big mouth and small ears!

IMHO high power is useful in controlling a pileup or in bad condition skeds!

Raj, vu2zap

At 05/07/2017, you wrote:
>I have a much simpler test for sensitivity. I have done careful research and decided that there are a lot more stations that I can hear than stations that can hear me! I wish the folks running the kilowatt transmitters would pay as much attention to the capabilities of their receivers (and ears) as they do to their transmitters.  OK, I'll get off the soapbox now!
>John - WA2FZW

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