Re: Shielding plastic cases

Lawrence Galea

Further to my post, those who still want to use plastic boxes can try to glue cooking aluminium foil to the inside of the box.
However, I still recommend an aluminium or steel box for screening.
Screening is important both to prevent pick up of unwanted signals and also unwanted radiation of signals from the TX circuitry not on the intended frequency.

On Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 6:36 AM, Raj vu2zap <rajendrakumargg@...> wrote:

I was referring to my rig service days, I remember having problems with FT747.

This type of tape comes in various widths.

Tape lines side by side and solder the strips together.  IMHO No need to solder the whole strip but a  spot
of solder to keep them electrically connected.
Solder a wire from ground to the tape.

Considering Bitx40 which has the PCB bottom side almost a ground plane, the case shielding may not
make much difference. I have not shielded mine.


At 18/06/2017, you wrote:
>Hi Raj,
>Can you send me photo of how you taped your case? I just received a nice plastic case and before I go drilling and cutting I would like some information about where to run the copper tape. Also what connections need to be made. The case does have a screw on plastic top, so I am guessing I need to place some tape there as well??
>Any ideas you may have would be Appreciated!
>Kevin NZ1I

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