Re: Baofeng microphone mod for BITX


So if you have 4 wires how do you put that to a 3 pin male jack? do you share mic and ptt ground wires? Is this gonna work?

you have 6 connectors in total on the 2 stereo plugs but only 4 wires going into the Baofeng mic from those connectors.

They all share one common ground on the 2.5mm plugs tip.

this works for me but i'm not sure if it's responsible for the noise problem i have at the moment .

so connections are:
Tip - NC
Ring - Mic -red
Sleeve - PTT - black

Tip - common ground (spkr/mic/PTT) -white
Ring - NC
Sleeve -SPKR - green

hope that clarifies it.

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