Need help I put volts on the speaker connection. Ouch. Smoke.

Jim McKay

Oops. I feel like a berk. Honey I smoked the BITX.


I just got my BITX40 set up and A Ok on receive. I disconnected everything as I was putting it all in a box but when I put it back together I connected the Power Amplifier voltage to the Speaker PCBplug. There was smoke and an acrid smell from the area of the speaker pcb plug. I think I have fried my board. No obvious signs of damage like bulging capacitors or broken tracks but doesn’t work now. Raduino still A OK but no sound on receive and no power out on transmit.


Gutted. Where to start fixing my mistake ??? I am not experienced in repairing electronics so please can somebody help me. Feeling stupid.

Thank you.


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