Re: Almost finished, for now...

Soundararajan Ra.

I like to add function button .please let me know how to add.

On Tue, May 16, 2017 at 7:27 AM, Brian D. K2BRZ <kd2iog@...> wrote:

Thanks, Jerry. I have the cap that came with the kit on the pins as I'm supposed to. When I get the chance, I will another at the Raduino end and at the +5 and gnd on the pot. I did buy extra components when. I read up on mods. I especially like the way Allard included pictures in the zip for 1.11, makes it a little easier to identify where I need to make those mods.

Still need to put an analyser to the antenna and make sure the radio PA is set properly. Tried for some contacts tonight but alas, no one heard me. Hopefully I can tune the antenna to get a better signal out.

Brian, K2BRZ

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