Re: Bitx40 with rotary encoder + CW

pat griffin

I had the same question about saving and restoring the original program.  It can be done using avrdude but it turns out it isn't necessary since the source of just about all releases is available.  Also, the current v1.09 compiles and installs without a hitch and you will not want to go back.  Search the messages for "hex dump" to see the discussion about this.



Pat Griffin

From: <> on behalf of Rogério Pimentel <pimentel.feijao@...>
Sent: Wednesday, May 3, 2017 1:32:35 PM
Subject: [BITX20] Bitx40 with rotary encoder + CW

Why does anyone have some modification to implement rotary encoder
with s-meter and CW on bitx40?
My kit uses the raduino. I would also like to have the backup of the
original program of the kit to be saved if the modifications do not
work out
I need help because I have no experience with raduino and I'm starting
now in amateur radio

PU2URP - Pimentel

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