Re: uBitx sketch and hardware help needed


Thank you very much
I will review it and let you know
73's Jc

2017-05-03 19:07 GMT-04:00 VK3HN <prt459@...>:

JuanCarlos, I read it as follows: 1. Line 82 (comment) should read A1, not A2 2. The pin numbers in the uBitx code at lines 99 and 100 do not align with the wiring to connector P3 on the uBitx Arduino script. They appear to be reversed. On bitxdigi.sch Rev:Id:1/1, P3.pin16 should be GND not paralleled with pin15; pin15 should be +12v not +5v. The #defines are the Arduino digital IO numbers, not Arduino pin numbers or P3 pin numbers. If you reverse the numbers on P3, the numbers align with the comment lines 99 and 100 For example, trace thru the CW_TONE which is #defined as 6. P3.pin2 is wired to nano D6, which is CW_TONE. In the comment block (99-100) if you reverse the numbers (1 becomes 16, 2 becomes 15 etc) CW_TONE ends up on pin15 which is correct. FYI, I have built the nano/si5351 and have it running the uBitx script, but have not wired all the uBitx modules up yet. Good luck!

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