Re: Synthesizer on Mega 2560 + 3.2 TFT LCD + Si5351


Hi Jack
Thank you for you comment.
This is a really niece project but it is out of my goal because it is out of the regular budget I use to duplicate any affordable and easy to implement device for my friends in Cuba.
Maybe I will try to do it in a future for fun but at this time the 1602A LCD display have to be our Trojan horse with the Arduino Nano.
Please if you have some information I can review in relation with the synthesizer using Si5351A, please let me know I will appreciate a lot.
Have a Good Weekend
73's Jc

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2017-04-21 11:42 GMT-04:00 Jack Purdum via Groups.Io <econjack@...>:

Very nice, JuanCarlos! You must have a ton of work in fabricating your PCB. I'm making a similar TFT display using the Mega Pro Mini (see board) to keep the footprint smaller, but using an encoder for the menuing system instead of push buttons. I'm also trying to bring out all of the I/O pins to make hacking it a bit easier.

Keep us posted!!

Jack, W8TEE

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Subject: [BITX20] Synthesizer on Mega 2560 + 3.2 TFT LCD + Si5351

Hi Guys
Please take a look and enjoy it

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