Re: Bitx-40 Receives - Not transmitting


I just sorted my Bitx 40 put with no TX. One problem was me as I just forgot to connector the 12 volts to the PA but that was not the end of it. Still no TX. I tracked it back to the bias pot. 5 volts at the input but no volts at the wiper. But after moving it from one end to the other several times it started to work correctly. I then
Set the bias current to around 300mA and now I get 1.5 watts of RF with a continues 1.5khz tone at the mic input.
Others have reported 3 watts but it will do for now until I get the tuning clicks sorted.

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On 18 Apr 2017, at 10:51, "Tim Dezellem" <tdezellem@...> wrote:

My radio has the same problem. I have spend a lot of time but haven't nailed the source of the problem.

My only suggestion is find a friend with same board and test your board in their enclosure and see if your board works. 

This will test your connections. I am disappointed in the board i received. 

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