Re: Error in BitX20A kitting

Charles Darley


I know the feeling ..

With the BRATS club in UK we have just done a top band AM kit and it took a
long time ...

I look forward to receiving my kit ..

Regards Charles G4VSZ

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Subject: [BITX20] Error in BitX20A kitting

My worst nightmare is here. I left out the Polyvaricon tuning
capacitor in some kits. It looks like 25 of them, Kits 51 through 75.
Now I have to mail the replacements, which is going to take exactly the
same amount of time as it is to mail the original kits. Arrgh. I
apologize for the error and will make it right. I really don't mind
the money that it is going to cost, it is the time. I was hopeful that
I would get the rest of the remaining orders shipped on Monday. Now, I
don't know if I can meet that goal, but will try. Again, I apologize
for the error. 72, Doug

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