Re: Antenna selection

College Professor Simon Thompson <nwccenglishprofessor@...>

The KX3 Yahoo forum always has interesting conversations about how to get the most for the least in terms on antennas. It is very hard to beat a resonant dipole for efficiency and portability and simplicity.

On Apr 12, 2017, at 08:52, davetelling . <davetelling@...> wrote:

To get some idea of possible portable performance, I tried a 43 foot-long wire, driven with a 9:1 balun, and being fed with about 15 ft. of coax, and no radials. the feedpoint is about 12ft above ground, and the and point is about 15 feet above ground. I did some A/B testing with my IC-718 (running through an antenna tuner) and was surprised to find that some stations came in better with the long-wire, and some came in better with the 40m OCF dipole. I am assuming that this is because of the different "lobes" of the two antennas' radiation patterns. I wish I had a simple way to run the 43ft wire vertically, but so far, nothing easily presents itself. However, it looks as if the 43ft wire/balun combo might make a compact portable antenna. It is interesting the amount of discussion about 4:1 vs. 9:1, counterpoise vs. no counterpoise (the coax shield becomes the "counterpoise") etc., but I am interested in a compact, easily deployed antenna that works acceptably for occasional portable operation.

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