Re: 80 Meters on BITX40?

Soundararajan Ra.

What are the values of the capacitor to be used in the filter for 80 meter .
I dont want to by the filter because qrn and grm is very high in our location .
Thanks in advance .

On Mar 27, 2017 7:13 AM, "Ryan Flowers" <geocrasher@...> wrote:

Yep, a filter bypass is dirty, but it works! I'll be using a QRP Labs 80m filter. I think I have devised a way to make it very easy to insert into the circuit with nothing but a switch to choose the filter. I need to do some experimenting though. I'll post information when I have it. The stock LPF should be okay though since the next harmonic when running the vfo down to 3.8-3.99mhz should be over 8mhz, which is above what he LPF lets through. 

Ryan Flowers KC7RYS

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