Re: odd behaviour with new library si5351 v2.02 => strong tuning clicks!

Allard PE1NWL

Thanks Don,
for confirming this! I have updated URL in the Wiki so that it now points
to the v2.0.1 library, instead of v2.0.3 by default.

I used to have the tuning click problem in the past, and I fixed it by
adding capacitors at several places on the +12V rail. The clicks were then
almost gone.
But with the new library it seems the clicking noise is much stronger than
with the old library.
Meanwhile I have added more capacitors and used shielded cable for the
volume pot, the clicks are now almost gone again.
It's remarkable that the tuning click problem is affected by version of
the si5351 library. I never thought about this possibility.

73, Allard PE1NWL

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