Re: How LOW can PA voltage go?

Soundararajan Ra.

Is it applicable for higher voltage also.
If i want run irf on 18 volt what bias current to be set so that power output quality is maintain.

On Mar 26, 2017 10:58 PM, <allisonportable@...> wrote:

As a linear amplifier the voltage VS drive and output power are all interrelated.

If you want to lower the power you must lower the drive insure the bias is correct and you can lower the 12V drain voltage some.

If you do not lower the drive the output will become over driven at lower voltages and you may get a FCC QSL for being on multiple bands with the resulting signal. 

There are limits though as the final will be come very nonlinear below about 8V and will be both inefficient and may create unwanted spurs.

To do lower power run the final normally and just lower the input power to the driver stage (add a variable resistor).  Hitting milliwatt level power is easily done that way.


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