Re: odd behaviour with new library si5351 v2.02 => strong tuning clicks!

Allard PE1NWL

Today there was again a new release v2.03 of the si5351 library.

I immediately tried it, but unfortunately I still have very strong tuning clicks with this version.

As is the case with the recently released v2.02, every time the raduino executes the set_frequency() command a loud pop is heard from the speaker.

This doesn't happen with the v2.01 library.

Can somebody try v2.02 or v2.03 just to see if the problem can be reproduced on another raduino, please?

(you can always download and restore the old working version v2.01 from

We may have to add an extra warning in the Wiki pages until this issue is resolved.

73, Allard PE1NWL

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