Re: Baofeng microphone mod for BITX

Mike Yancey

I'm curious why you replaced the Microphone's electret 'capsule' with the one provided in the kit?
Aren't these mic's all electret anyway?

I've bought a couple of these on eBay - one for an ACTUAL Beofeng radio and another for ... 'experimentation' just like this, so I appreciate your work!

I've found them for as cheap as USD$2.89. Quality: be prepared to repair.
The first one I bought - worked perfectly.
The second - PTT is fine, Speaker fine... No transmit. Solution: solder a little piece tinned buss wire to join the electret in. Bad solder join or bad PCB trace.

This is a SUPER idea, BTW. The BitX20 kit I have has a 4-pin (old) Kenwood-style connector, which indeed, will support a Speaker in the Mic.

Mike Yancey, KM5Z
Dallas, Texas, USA

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