Re: PCB uBitx -working on it-

Rahul Srivastava


You just snatched the words from my mouth, it will be great in true experimeter's spirit...


Rahul VU3WJM

On Sunday, 12 March 2017 6:40 AM, Ion Petroianu <ion.petroianu@...> wrote:

This is very nice for a final product but for experimenting wouldn't be better to have small blocks we can interconnect. From what I see we are working with 50 Ohms input and output impedance so short runs of RG 174 will provide links between modules.
Also when experimenting is more cost effective to use the special price for prototype boards (10 boards, 10X10 cm, for $10)
If the layout is squeezed you can get 2 or three layouts on one 10X10 cm board.
What do you think about the idea. Shall we start splitting the schematic in blocks?

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