Re: Any BITX20 builders in Mumbai


Dear Rahul,
Thanks for your quick response. I had sent you
another email after reading the vuqrp group as well.
Today I found both the vuqrp and the bitx groups and
was very impressed. I talked to OM Charu some weeks
back and will contact him again.
I will be here in Mumbai for a couple of months. I
would not want to bother you with sending the
components all the way from Lucknow since I am here
for a while, but thank you very much for it. However I
will accept your gracious offer if the need arises.
By the way, how is the kitting project coming
along. I would be very interested in knowing your


--- Rahul Srivastava <vu3wjm@...> wrote:
Dear Jay,

Sorry to hear abt your unsuccessful trips to the
mkt. I dont think any one is making a BITX at

While you are there I suggest giving a call to my
good friend Charu VU2UPX.
Ph: -022-33926305- He knows the mkt in and out and
can help you source all components. He also manages

If there is sufficient time do pay a visit to his
place. You will find many good quality Kits at
fraction of what it costs in International mkt.

If you wish I can collect all components for BITX
and send it over to Mumbai if you are planning a
longer stay. Here as Farhan mentioned it costs abt
Rs300/ approx $6/ only. I stay at Lucknow abt
1200Kms from Mumbai, courier will take 2 days to

NP0 Caps are difficult to buy in local Indian mkt so
they have to be either salvaged or replaced by
styroflex caps.

Hope this will help in getting your BITX completed.


Rahul VU3WJM

null1969 <null1969@...> wrote:
I am currently on business in Mumbai and wanted
to interact with
BITX builders in Mumbai. This project is interesting
since all
components are available in India and I happen to be
in the financial
capital of India. However a weekend tour of the
electronics component
market here has left me quite disappointed. For
instance, not one
shop I went to was able to understand what an NP0
capacitor meant and
it took me 3 trips to get simple polyester film
capacitors. I however
managed to pick up 2 Broadcast type air variables
(maybe 500pf). To
make a long story short, it may take me months to
gather the parts at
the current rate.
Hence if there are any Mumbai BITX builders I
can interact with
them to get parts sources in the city to build my
BITX. I think it is
a very worthwhile project to build and take back to
my home qth.
The group is great and one can see the "power"
of open source.

Jay (KC5TQS)

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