uBITX - A reboot of the old BITX

Ashhar Farhan

It has been more than a decade since the BITX20 was first built. In these years, we have had many ideas knocking around. After looking hard at these, it became evident to me that a full reboot of the bitx series was needed to incorporate these.

Raduino has been a game changer in many ways. It would have been unimaginable even a few years ago that for a dollar, you would be able to buy a single chip with three clock outputs for less than a dollar.

Anyway, here is the new uBITX (I pronounce it as microBITX). I hope you all find it interesting. Unlike the Minima this is full tested and ready to be built. 

You can read about it on http://phonestack.com/farhan/ubitx/ubitx.html. It hasn't still made it to my home page. If you find any typos or anything that is not clear, push the reply button on this mail thread and I will fix it before it goes out to the world outside the groups.io

There is no kit for it. As usual, the circuit is free for you to build, write about, forward and publish it wherever. However, commercial production of PCBs and kits is prohibited for now. 

Will HFsigs kit it? I am not sure. They are already swamped with a backlog of the bitx40 orders. I will have a conversation with the team and ask them about it.

It goes without saying that without the help of so many of you this rig would never been possible. It is a joint effort of several people who have been helping along with things big and small.  Curiously, this rig derived much of its theory from an older text : Introduction to RF Design by Hayward. Hence, you will see it in the pictures of the rig too. 

- f

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