Any BITX20 builders in Mumbai


I am currently on business in Mumbai and wanted to interact with
BITX builders in Mumbai. This project is interesting since all
components are available in India and I happen to be in the financial
capital of India. However a weekend tour of the electronics component
market here has left me quite disappointed. For instance, not one
shop I went to was able to understand what an NP0 capacitor meant and
it took me 3 trips to get simple polyester film capacitors. I however
managed to pick up 2 Broadcast type air variables (maybe 500pf). To
make a long story short, it may take me months to gather the parts at
the current rate.
Hence if there are any Mumbai BITX builders I can interact with
them to get parts sources in the city to build my BITX. I think it is
a very worthwhile project to build and take back to my home qth.
The group is great and one can see the "power" of open source.

Jay (KC5TQS)

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