Re: Weird behavior of Raduino

Ion Petroianu, VA3NOI

I don't have a problem compiling or uploading any sketch (you just go in Library Manager and change the version of the library you want to use).

My problem is that, regardless of the message on the screen when releasing the A2 from GND the calibration is not taken. Once I release the A2 from GND, after doing the calibration, the frequency jumps to the frequency that is consistent with the new position of the tuning pot and when I go back to the signal I inject I have the same display offset as before (about 130 to 150 Hz).

I can live with that but puzzles me. First time I was able to calibrate correctly. Then I uploaded a different sketch. Calibration has been lost. Normal. Why it cannot calibrate one time, at least.

Is the calibration stored in some one time write only memory/register?

Thank you,


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