Re: BITX Hacks : Improved audio

Rahul Srivastava <vu3wjm@...>


Can also try gain reduction at IF stage instead of connecting agc at audio try connecting the collector of AGC transistor to the base of Q3 in series with  a 10nF-100nF cap..


Rahul VU3WJM..

On Tuesday, 31 January 2017 10:14 AM, Ashhar Farhan <farhanbox@...> wrote:

the other thing to do is reduce the rf amp gain. you could try removing or increasing the 10 ohm in the emiiter bypass of the rf amp.
the original bitx was for 20 m where the noise levela were lower and we were riding the cycle 23.
- f

On 31-Jan-2017 3:48 am, "Mike Hoddy" <> wrote:
I must try that, looks like a simple AGC but every bit helps!

73 de Mike, G0JXX

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