Re: adding VK3YE AGC to BITX40

Soundararajan Ra.

i home brewed peter s (vk3ye) AGC working fine

On Mon, Jan 30, 2017 at 12:56 AM, Al Duncan VE3RRD <ve3rrd@...> wrote:

I would like to add the audio AGC circuit from Peter VK3YE to my BITX40 (see but am wondering about exactly how to integrate it into the current version of the SMD BITX40v3. On Peter's schematic, I assume that the amp block shown at the "receiver audio in" is actually Q16. The 3.3K resistor in Peter's circuit doesn't exist in the BITX40 and I assume that it would have to be added between C115 and the high side of the volume control. The input to Peter's circuit would then come from the C115 end of the 3.3K resistor and the LDR would be placed across the volume control. The easy way to install the 3.3K resistor would be to lift the red wire from the volume control and install the resistor between the wire and volume control terminal.

Am I correct in my "assumptions" or did I miss something? His LDR version of an audio AGC looks like it really works well and would make a good addition to the BITX40.   73, AL - VE3RRD

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