Re: Order - How to find details

Ion Petroianu, VA3NOI

Hi Kevin!

I was in your shoes. I placed the order on Dec. 24 and I have received, from Paypal, an email on Dec. 30 with information about shipping, once those were updated by HF Signals.

For me it took almost three weeks from that email to get the kit.

Wired it up as per instruction and everything has worked great, It is a great radio and the price is very low by any standards. For this price you will not be able to build it yourself!

Yes, I had some frequency error (about 150 Hz), but I calibrated as per instructions provided on the website with one major modification: THE WIRE USED TO CALIBRATE IS THE RED WIRE NOT BROWN!

If you use the brown wire nothing gets broken but it will not work.

Best luck



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