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Hi Hans
Happy to go for a 6.21 order from you!
Mark G0MGX

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> Keytronics has 10MHz xtals at £1.00 each (ten required)
> and the 2N3866 seems to be obsolete. Do others see any
> difficulties in sourcing parts.

I'm confused about the 2N3866 - what's it for? I see no mention on the
circuit diagram; the nice thing is that a variety of transistors will do in
this design.

Rapid Electronics ( sell 10MHz crystals at
£0.38 each (£0.45 incl sales tax). That drops to £0.305 (£0.36 incl VAT) for
QTY 25+. If enough people want them I'd be happy to order a batch and parcel
them out. People who are interested in 10, let me know within the next few
days and maybe we'll sort it out sometime next week. Assuming 25+, the price
would be £3.86 for 10 including a 1st class UK postage stamp (overseas
postage stamp, extra).

Ok look, I'm not going into the kit business but while we're at it, if you
want them (also from Rapid):

25 BC547B's suitable for the rig: £0.82 incl VAT
1 IRF510: £1.53 incl VAT

Presumably the total weight will be under 60g so these will all fit under
the same single £0.28 postage stamp.

So, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY... Crystals, transistors and the MOSFET, £6.21
incl UK postage (overseas is fine, we just add the extra postage).

72/3 Hans G0UPL

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