BITX40 goes Digital this Xmas!

Ashhar Farhan


The upgraded BITX40 has been released. Check, you may have to refresh the page with a Ctrl-R or something.

The new BITX sports the Raduino, a tiny board that carries a full Arduino Nano, a 16x LCD display and an Si5351a. The Raduino is fully open sourced and it will be available on github by the weekend. With this, the BITX40 is now capable of sporting dual VFOs, RIT, keyer, SWR meter, etc. No, these are not built-in. Instead, these are things that can be made with a few resistors and capacitors and some clever software added around the Raduino. I will document it fully in a few days. I am very excited with the possibilities of the Raduino. 

As you can imagine, the Raduino adds to the cost of the BITX40. Hence, the price has been upped by 14 dollars to 59 dollars. I hope people find it worth the additional cost. For those who prefer the old analog radios, you could toss the Raduino into the junk box and solder the VFO inductor to work your old analog radio.

For those of you who have already purchased the BITX40 and want to 'upgrade' with the Raduino, drop a line to hfsignals@..., they will upgrade you for the same 14 USD (including the postage).

Let's keep this list for technical stuff, for any queries related to shipping, payments etc. You should just write to hfsignals@...

- f

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