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Mark Jones <Mark@...>

HI all
just an introduction as requested.
Name Mark, QTH Derby - central England.
Been looking for a QRP SSB project for a while and this looks just the job. Not started yet but will find some time to decide where and how to start this weekend
Did it really say tap washers?

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> What a good idea Hans to set up this group!

Much as I would like to be able to take credit Duncan, unfortunately it
wasn't my idea: I first heard it from Andrew VK3BFA on the newsgroup, and  think even he was referring to
Farhan thinking about it. My only part in it was to tell Farhan it's easy to
set up a mailing list on Yahoo, and offer to do the dirty work (all of 5

But welcome all (already we are 27 members) and introduce yourselves!

72/3 de Hans G0UPL

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