Re: Toroids Loose on Arrival

Patrick Pugh Sawian


Thankyou very much for the prompt reply. For a moment there i thought it was quality issues. Yes indeed, the flexibilty in design to accomodate future addons is remarkable. Farhan has done a great job at that.


On Thursday, December 1, 2016 11:21 PM, "Sandeep Lohia sandeeplohia12@... [BITX20]" wrote:

Friends, just don't use Cyanoacrylate based ( fevi-quick ) adhesive.
It's vapour or contact can make nearby metal catch very bad rust, oxide... ( including varnished wires )
Here too using hot melt glue, but in the process just don't overheat ferrite cores.
It's better ring-mixer toroid comes pre-assembled,
otherwise I know many kits end-up in corner of junk room, due to lack of knowledge by non-electronic new-bees...
( mailed frm mobile )

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