Re: LOW tx output1.4 volt

Soundararajan Ra.

Dear farhan
After replacing Mic i am able to get  1.5 at 100 preset.
But still power out put is below 4 watt.
Driver transistor DC voltage
ground to emitter 440 mv
Ground to base 1.2 volt
Emitter to base 646 mv
pk to pk 7mhz voltage is
Driver base 1.5 volt
Driver collector 1.4 volt
PA gate 1 volt
Checked for short in toroids .
Shall i replace driver transistor.
I have 2N2218A. Shall i use instead of 2N2219A?.
Any it good experience get more exposure in Bitx.
I am enjoying the experience.
Full joy is ,when come on AIr with 8 watt power.

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