Success with BITX

Baruch Atta <baruchatta@...>

I am happy to report that I have successfully completed my BITX 40 v3 project.  The board is securely installed in a nice enclosure.  I used a commercial enclosure, $20, steel and aluminum.  I "splurged" and bought a new set of drill bits from Home Depot for $10 to drill the holes (instead of using my rag-tag bunch of second hand tools.) I used the Mic from a surplus old RS CB.  The mic handset includes a push to talk switch.  The jack from the CB is installed in the BITX.  I removed the original mic and installed the BITX supplied microphone in the handset.  

During testing, I was dismayed that the transmit audio was horrible, when listening on my big rig.  But when I arranged a QSO with a nearby ham friend, he gave me a good report.  Success!

There are two issues remaining.  Number one is the loud snap in the earphones when I key the microphone.  Is there anyway to solve that?  Number two is the frequency drift.  The frequency drift seems to settle down after a half hour.  I would like to leave most of the original circuit as is, if I can.  I am thinking of replacing the frequency determining capacitors with mica or polystyrene.  Would that help with the drift?  Has anyone tried this?

Thanks to Ashar for his hard work, made my work easier!  

73, Joe W3TTT

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