Re: Toroids Loose on Arrival


As long as none of the wires are broken on the toroids, all you need to do is straighten them. They pretty much all came with toroids crunched, mine did. For glue, I use hot glue, but you can use silicon or contact cement or anything really. I used to use clear finger nail polish. Don't glue L4 down until you get it on frequency by compressing the turns or loosening them until you get the band coverage you want. You should be on the air soon.

Joel Caulkins

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Howdy all,

I've just received #697 in the mail today, and I sure am excited to get on the air! I did notice a couple of toroids were loose on it, and before I power it up and start playing with it, I want to be sure that they just came unglued and need to be glued back down. Here are pictures of what I see:


L4: (at least, I think this is L4 according to the schematic- it's not visible on the board)

Both of these were oriented incorrectly as seen here:

I straightened them out, but am not sure what to glue them down with. Any assistance would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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