Re: LOW tx output

Soundararajan Ra.

Dear mr farhan
Realy unble to solve my problem
removed predriver transformer and rewound .
Ground to collector 1.1 v
collector to centret tap .5 volt (both supposed to be added and to get 1.5
But CT to ground is .5 volt (c134).
At 100R preset getting .5 v so insufficient drive voltage .
Getting 2 watt out put at antenna.
I am blinking ,what next 7 do.

One more option for me is to order one more kit.

On Nov 23, 2016 4:41 PM, "ik8yfw@... [BITX20]" <BITX20@...>

I performed some transmissions test Yesterday night, I can confirm the
values declared: 100 - 90 mA in RX mode, almost 385 mA pressing PTT and
over 1.1 A when modulate. Clear audio. I measure over 7 W output on my
wattmeter. Fine job. I planning to add a fan to IRF510 for temperature
controll. Thanks. Giuseppe, ik8yfw

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