Re: Bitex40 latest smd version circuit requested reg.

Soundararajan Ra.

Dear Krish

On Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 9:32 AM, vu3nkk@... [BITX20] <BITX20@...> wrote:

Dear Farhan,

I have received bitex 40 V3 Sno.593 last week.

Assembled it with homebrewed aluminum enclosure and interfaced with pll
board(DDS?!) assembly sourced from vu3vrl.

The bitex kit could be able to wire without any difficulty & tested in the
band through my amplifier PA150 with 200 W peak for Whistle in 13.8 VDC.

I have used head phone for reception & performance is good.

My bitex 593, standby ideal current 170 mA, on PTT adjusted bias for
360 mA, & on Audio Hallow draws max 900 mA giving 4.5W RF output.

My transmitted audio was told, little basey & muffled & scope for
The circuit in the site is of old version, need the current version3 circuit
for better understanding.

Kindly provide the circuit V3 please.

We are very much happy in your noteworthy contribution for ham fraternity
dear Farhan.

Many thanks to you & your team.

De, krish, vu3nkk,
+91 9894720211

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