Re: BITX 40 drift

Soundararajan Ra.

For me even after 1 hr vfo is not settling ,i live in Bangalore india temperature is almost 25 to 27 degrees . I changed single turn pot to multiturn pot for easy tuning .
I am also facing the following problem
Recently got bitex40 smd version and after completing the wiring came on the air.with 12 v dc input peak power output is about 10 w got 58 report from Bangalore station vu2grm ,but after two or three qso power is dropped to below 2 watt , 0 signal current was 90 ma and with signal 120 ma.
I thought IRF 510 may defective and replaces with new one it is ST make .Heat sink selvaged from numeric old  desktop ups fitted in the rig .
0 signal current with maximum pot in the pcb is 70 ma .and when i speak  maximum current is 130 ma powerout about 3 watt . Please post your ideas to set right my problems.

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Very nicely put!

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