Re: FW: First QSO with the BITX20 Transceiver (fwd)

Andrew VK3BFA <ablight@...>

Hi Pete,
congratulations Pete - looks like you are the first! - did you use the PCB layout, or point to point. How about posting a few pictures for inspiration for the rest of the group.
73 de VK3BFA Andrew

Ashhar Farhan wrote:

>From: "Pete Juliano" <jessystems@...>
>To: "Ashhar Farhan" <computercorp@...>
>Subject: First QSO with the BITX20 Transceiver
>Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 09:20:48 -0700
>Hi Ashhar,
>Had my first QSO with the BITX20 --JH0HQP, Harry. My report was 5X3. From
>Seattle Washington that is a nice hop! I was using my Lazy H antenna (wire
>beam). That is greater than a 5000 mile distance from here
>I think I have a little RF feedback when I connect the antenna as the
>pattern looks a little fuzzy. But into a dummy load it looks perfect.
>Probably need to get the boards tied together on a common ground plane and
>get it in a box.
>But your design does work! For someone who has not built many homebrew
>projects --this would be a great first radio --just the simplicity of the
>design and the fact that parts procurement is simplified. That is great
>that you took on this task and published the design. Thanks again.
>Pete W6JFR
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