Re: New BITX20 Kit Progress Photosl

Charles Darley

Hi All

The existence of this in kit form could well be very appropriate to
Intermediate Licence level students in UK as they have to construct a radio
related project.

I am watching the board with interest as I am a RSGB Lead Instructor and
looking for just such a project to direct students to.

Do you hope to sell via PayPal payment ???

Best regards

Charles Darley

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Guys, just so you won't think the new kits are vaporware, grin, I
posted the schematic, board layout top view, and several photos of the
3 Prototype Kits that I will be mailing out on Monday. We expect the
boards to arrive on Friday, so the builders will have all parts in hand
and ready to build. Note that I supplied 2 final transistors in the
prototype kits, that is in case we blow one testing. Take a look at
the photos under Hendricks QRP Kits BITX20 in the Photo section.
Enjoy. 72, Doug

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