Re: Bitx 20, Help me!

Rahul Srivastava

In order to use 4.915mhz xtals for SSB filter I suggest taking a look at SSB mods for K1

Or the SSB adaptor schematics of K2 rig. Both  use 4.915Mhz xtals for their discreet SSB filter.
Rahul VU3WJM

vdberghak wrote:
Hi Juanjo,

> Which band are you designing it for? 4.915 is too low for 14MHz
SSB and sets
> the VFO tuning quite high and prone to QSY/QRH (drifting). As I
have read
> over there, for SSB IFs over 8MHz are better and set the VFO on
lower and
> more stable frequencies.

There are more reasons for making the filter in the range

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