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Ashhar Farhan <farhan@...>

the VFO of BITX20 has an interesting story. it is actually my inductance
looking at the VFO, if you removed the trimmer, it becomes a test
oscillator that iuse at all times. this idea is due to W7AAZ (Bill
you can quickly assemble a frequency counter like one of the several shown
by Hans.
To measure an inductance, solder the the coil into the VFO circuit,
measure the frequency. The capacitance is well established, from there
calculate the inductance.
i had written a few lines code in C (i think it is posted it its entirity
on that helped me calculate it quickly.
the test oscillator also works as acrystal oscillator (solder a crystal
in place of the coil) to measure and match the crystals.

- farhan

On Sun, 4 Jul 2004, Charles wrote:

Hi all

I note that the post has separated part of the url from the web page
mentioned - let's try again ----

You need all without a break between Inductance% and 20Meter.htm

I hope this helps you to find the page...


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