Re: Clearing our stock of Bitx Multiband PCBs

Patrick Pugh Sawian

Looks like a lot of bad blood going around here.

"That is one of the key terms of either the GNU or Creative Commons licenses or both".

Try telling that to anyone in INDIA. ANYONE.


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Hello Todd

Just remember one thing Todd I am the person that designed the Multi band modules that you currently enjoy using and the person that commercialized my designs and made money from it is Sunil, I have received absolutely no financial reward myself for the many hours of hard work that I have put into this.

I love and respect the open source design of the BitX but myself and Adrian are moving away from BitX to create a whole new design of radio transceiver with more capabilities and superior performance.

Some of the modules that I designed and are commercially available from Sunil will be used in my new "NON BITX" transceiver and It is these modules that I do not want to be selling in competition with Sunil and as the designer of the modules I think it is only fair that I get preference over the distribution of these modules rather than be in competition with Sunil as a supplier.

I wish the BitX community all the success for the future.

73 Andy Hunter de G6LBQ

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I've always understood that derivatives created from open-source creations
(such as pcbs layed out for an open-sourced design such as the BitX) have
to remain open source. That is one of the key terms of either the GNU or
Creative Commons licenses or both.
Privatizing any part of an open-source chain of development is certainly a
violation of the central idea of open-and crowd-sourced creations. So I'll
be happy to wait for your PCB design, Sunil, instead of buying the
privatized one from Hunter and DX Kits. I call it putting my money where my
mouth is.
73, Todd / K7TFC
On Apr 18, 2013 8:59 PM, "Sunil VU3SUA" <vu3sua@...> wrote:
We are clearing our stock of pcb's for bitx multiband and will be not
selling PCB's designed by Andy Hunter as we have received a letter from DX
kits for the same.
We have been granted a few weeks to comply with the same.
So if you wish to purchase our remaining stock of PCB, then go ahead.
We will be bringing out our own Bitx Multiband PCB set with changes in
Bitx Version 3 design.
The Bitx is an open source project and i hope no party should have
objections for my company making a new PCB for the Bitx Multiband.
We will also work on open source pcb for LPF and BPF.
Amateur Radio will always be providing best services and
economical kits for all radio amateurs around the world.
Thanks for your kind support.
Best of 73s
Sunil Lakhani
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