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Charles Darley

Hi Arv
Thank very much for the spread sheet ... This is something that I will  demo at the club during the sessions on the building of the project ..
73  Charles  G4VSZ

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In the "files" section of this forum I have uploaded a small
spreadsheet program called "RESONANCE CALCULATOR.xls".  This is a
spreadsheet program that helps calculate inductance, capacitance, or
frequency for various combinations of L and C.  I found this very
handy in re-calculating the inductance values for converting Farhan's
BITX20 design into a BITX40 transceiver.

This is a Microsoft (tm) Excel spreadsheet, but if you do not have
MS-Excel all is not lost.  You can go to and
download their FREE Open Office program.  The spredsheet tool in Open
Office can read and execute MS-Excel programs.  FYI: Open Office is
available for both MS-Windows and Linux, so if you are a Linux user
like me you now can have an equivalent of all the MS-Office tools for

If anyone has problems with this spreadsheet, please let me know
because I can easily generate and upload both MS and OpenOffice
specific versions of this tool.  If you need to "unlock" the
spreadsheet to make your own changes to the layout or formula, also
please let me know and I can provide you with the program password.

Arv - K7HKL

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