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Hi Juanjo
Thank you for your comment
In Cuba they are using all the Bitx- in 40m with a very good performance in
the LSB with the FLL added in some cases.
They are using 8.192Mhz IF and the VFO in a very low frequency for the
stability(IF-VF=Fw) , it will be a good idea to test it using VFO-IF.
It is not too difficult to do a QSO with CO from Europe, only check the
propagation prediction and wait for a long path and it's all, almost
week-end a lot a CO dx's are active.
Have a great day

2012/11/6 Juanjo Pastor <ec5aca@...>


Hola JC

Pasar vuestros BITX-40 a 20 metros para DX debe ser sencillo, solamente
que cambiar el OFV a unos 6 megas y cambiar los filtros frontales y
pasabajos. Suele ser difícil escuchar estaciones CO/CM en las bandas desde

For the english speaking people, converting your BITX-40 to 20 for DX must
be a simple task, it only needs changing the VFO to some 6 Mc and the
and low pass filters. It is usually difficult hear CO/CM stations in the
bands from Europe...

73, 72 de Juanjo, EC5ACA. EA-QRP #104, G-QRP #9742, QRP-L #1662,
FP #899.

Juanjo Pastor
C/San Roque, 4-1º
46460 Silla

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Hi Fellows
We have completed a lot a Bitx-40 in Cuba using its own VFO in 40m with
the 8.192Mhz IF frequency using IF-VFO and we take off L5 because is not
neccessary to get the right tuning.
Now I am trying to add a DDS but working VFO-IF and with the same
configuration in the oscilator I can not find the right point and I
now with the DDS I am in the USB.
Please some one can clarify me this problem And how to solve?
Thank you in advance
Jc WJ6C ex/CO6BG


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