Re: Bitx 20, Help me!

Chris van den Berg


Please I do not have the 10MHz crystals to make the filter, but I
have 5 pieces of 8MHz crystals with this 8MHz crystals is possible
make the filter with new values of resistor and capacitor?
this kind of filter can be made with several x-tals.
For SSB usualy x-tals above 10 MHz are used, however, lower is also
The lower the x-tal frequency, the smaller the capacitors between
the x-tals must be.

modify the Bitx20 to Bitx40 is only to modify the Band Pass filter
and de oscillator?Somebody has this modification?
Because almost everything is broadband, it is possible to make it
for the band you want. Exact details: with a dipper and some
experiments you will find it out!
Best regards,
Chris, PA3CRX

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