level and wave shape after balans mixer?

Chris van den Berg

I build some parts of the transceiver and tested every part
The LF parts works fine (a pitty the schematic is not corrected with
the voltage/output of the lm386). If I add a sinus LF wave to the
microphone terminal, the shape looks simular on the colector.
However, as soon as I connect the coil of the balans mixer to it, it
becomes a-symetrical (one side is going to be clipped).
If I put a lot of LF signal in it (looks heavily distorted, then I
get a maximum output(after the attenuater) of about 0.2 mw. (in 50
ohm). After reducing the LF signal to a point it looks normal, the
output power is very very less....
Did anyone look at the osciloscoop the way I did? Anyone measured
the output?
The distortion I can imagine can be caused by one of the diodes, but
such low output at that moment?
After the next amp (before the x-tal filter, the maximum output is
about 1 mw (in 50 ohm). The reason is that I measure in 50 ohm is
that the load is in the mw. meter.
Thanks in advance for your comments,
Chris PA3CRX

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