Components, 2nd round

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Paolo, Farhan and myself are investigating the possibility of a complete kit
of all parts for the project, including resistors, capacitors, variable
resistors, etc along with the previous semiconductors + crystals pack. This
will probably take a while to organise.

In the interim, I have received a request from Charles G4VSZ for 4 component
packs for himself and his club. I also have an outstanding request from Jim
N6OTQ. So this week I will run another round of component sourcing. The
components come mostly from Rapid Electronics because their prices are
excellent. The LM386 comes from Farnell, because then I can be sure that it
is the LM386N-1 variant, which is uncertain from Rapid. The 2N2219 comes
from Viewcom ( and incurs some
postage fees which I have to add to their transistor price. The price is the
price of the components, no profit for G0UPL :-(

If more people order, the price will decrease slightly. Last time with 9
orders, it was £8.19 + £0.28 postage. At the present time with 5 orders, the
prices are:

£3.29 Qty 10 of 10.000 MHz crystals, HC49 style
£0.59 Qty 25 of BC547B transistors
£0.75 2N2219A driver transistor
£1.53 IRF510 MOSFET
£0.19 Qty 15 of 1N4148 diodes
£0.07 36V Zener diode
£0.05 9.1V Zener diode
£0.05 5.6V Zener diode
£0.29 LM386N-1 Audio Amp IC (correct variety)
£1.88 Qty 5 of 2-22pF trimmer capacitor
£0.71 Miniature tuning capacitor*

£9.68 total including £0.28 UK postage.

* NOTE: The tuning capacitor is one of the miniature kind as used in
portable radios. Size is 20.2 x 20.2 x 10.8mm. Control shaft is 6.6mm
diameter tapped with 2.6mm thread. Panel mounting is via twwo 2.6mm tapped
screws next to the control shaft. Capacitance: AM section 3.0 - 141.6pF,
Oscillator section 4.0 - 59.2pF. So in parallel you'd have 200pF which is
less than Farhan's design for 350pF. It might therefore be necessary to
alter the VFO coil to get the required tuning range.

Feel free to order extras of any item for spares, or exclude things you
don't want.

Any more orders?

73 Hans G0UPL

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