Re: Other Bitx-40 on the air in CO (Cuba)


Thanks Arv
I am very happy, because one them was checking by AD4C, -a friend- , and
told us the filter has 2.7Khz. It's sound good .
Now I am going to use this group of guys how a reference, because they have
the enough knowledge and skill to help other.
The other project they accomplished very well and easily was the W6JL
linear power amplifier, using the small toroid from the saver light, and
any MOSFET they can get it.
CO6ATL has an special trick to protect the unknown MOSFET during the test.
He use a car battery bulb in serie with the Vcc from the power supply,it's
all is ok the lamp light up very poor, but is something is wrong it's light
They has a big list from the MOSFET tested recovered from old computer
mothers boards.
I am helping them to use more and more the microcontroller, at this time
they can reproduce and programing almost the project you can find on the
I have learned how to get the PIC's like sample and the other componentes
useful and important.(16F84A,16LF84A, 16F628A,16LF628A,etc.)
I want to introduce the use of NA602AN, they don' t know and it's very good.
We have the TA serie, but with no specific project
Now, the new goal is the DDS, with the lower cost
I am working hard to do that and i want to find someone in CO to learn
about EAGLE, because the future is to have the GERBER files in all the


El 4 de abril de 2012 12:03, Arv Evans <arvid.evans@...> escribió:



Congratulations to the whole Cuban BITX group. Your modifications sound
and useful.


On 04/04/2012 07:36 AM, Juan Carlos wrote:

Greetings Colleagues:
I write this email, first of all, to say THANKS to everyone
Ashar, Sunil, Leonard, Arv... and the pool of guys every day is posted
information to help other.
We have a particular problem with internet in Cuba, and this is a lack
we are affecting the fast development of any project.
But is great for me to inform we have three more Bitx-40 on the air
One with CO6WYR, other with CO6ATL and CO6BML.
They appreciate the performance and everybody agree it's kind of QRP
is very useful and simple to complete.
We did some small change using a xtal filter with 8.192Mhz, the reason
was the Xtal price and quality.In the 40 M band it works properly.
They added the FLL and the stability is wonderful.
We are now set up the DSS using a AD98xx.
We have different options because the AD9833, AD9834, AD9835 can get
for free like sample.
The other DDS with the AD9850 I have almost completed, it's a version
of DL4JAL with a controller using an ATMEL AT89C52 written by SP2SWJ.
They add other AD9850 for the BFO and I think it's a very good idea.
I am going to upload some picture to the blog website as soon as I can.

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Lic.Juan Carlos Berberena Gonzalez

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