Inductors - RX Probs

Mark Jones <Mark@...>

Hi all

Looking for some help here.

Testing the RX today, AF amp clearly OK, the simple tests in the text work
out fine i.e. Touch base Q4 static, Q3 more static, Q2 less static. Trimmers
with L1,2 & 3 do little or nothing, but the trimmer in the T3 mixer has a
huge effect on noise out of the speaker. At either end of the travel very

It looks like there is no RF coming in. I have re-wound the two mixers with
no change, I'm wondering about the coils.

Here's what I have:

L1,2,3 22 turns 24 SWG on T-50-6
T1, T3 13 turns triffiliar 28 SWG on FT37-43

Any thoughts?

Mark Jones (G0MGX)
07971 091767

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