Blue BITX17

Ron <pa2rf@...>

Dear BITX-group,
As promised I added some pictures in the photobox of my BITX17, now
enclosed in a housing, which is in fact an old audio amplifier of
which i removed almost all components except the power supply parts. I
painted the front blue and added a blue LED just for fun. The
frequency scale is hidden behind a green transparant window derived
from an old ECG-analyser from the scrap-yard. Some text to add on the
front and a button for the pi-filter variable capacitor and I will
consider my BITX17 finished.
By the way today I made a MFSK qso with LZ1OE in Bulgaria
A picture of the MixW screen during this
qso is also added in the photobox. Enjoy the remainder of this
weekend. 73 de Ron and happy homebrewing and bye for now

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