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Hello Dear Allison,

Thank you very much for the advice. I'll keep that in mind.

I once saw a Circuit from an old QST issue (1972) of a tube type SSB
Transmitter using just a pair of Crystals (455 khz).I think it is in
a Lattice configuration. Any way, that is another topic.
I have that design and it's 4 crystals. Two in the half lattice
one parallel as carrier suckout and the carrier oscillator. Also the
half lattice filter is better than a ladder for a given number of
crystals. the however is that it's also more difficult to build
as you need two crystals seperated by the correct frequncies to
build it. Having done a few of them it's harder.

Maybe I'll try to practice building a BITX version with what I have
available first. I know it won't sound good on the air but at least
I can learn something.
You can. But SSB and CW results will be dissapointing with a poor
filter. The good news is later you can replace the weak filter
with an improved one.

Good luck,

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