Re: A tale of two tap washers

Sam Caldwell <samc@...>

Hans Summers wrote : which G0UPL travels to his local hardware store to further investigate
the nature of the infamous tap washers, and in particular the differences
between ordinary and "delta" washers.
Both are know as 1/2 inch tap washers but both measure more than 1/2 inch
(12.7mm). As close as I can measure with my ruler:
As I understand it, the " half -inch' refers to the bore of the water
pipe with which they are associated - and includes three-quarter and
one-inch as part of the series.

A typical "half-inch" tap washer in the past would measure perhaps
three-quarters of an inch dia., but in more recent times the
proliferation of fancy bathroom ware has given rise to a variety of
custom taps (faucets) with their own washers.

My own houshold taps ( I'm told ) have ceramic washers which ( I'm
told ) never wear out and ( I know ) are drip-free.

Regards, Sam C.

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