More space in the (?Altoids) tin

market10gardener <jseager@...>

I have found a way of saving space with ugly bug. 'Slug Stoppa' tape
is adhesive copper tape 4 metres long by 3cm wide. It peels off a
Two pieces side by side(on a piece of silvered card from a Be Good to
Yourself fish pie from the supermarket)made a 6x5cm board which
hardly at all of fish and was amply large enough to take Hans' fast
design which fitted easily inside an already crowded box to stabilise
my Epiphyte.
The good thing is that you can stick the tape to anything and it is
easy to use the underside of a case or it could go directly on to the
metal of an Altoid tin so you could build directly on that. John
P.S. I dont know where the tape came from and dont like to remind my
wife about it for obvious reasons vis a vis the slugs.

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